10 Free Cartoon Backgrounds


Collection of 10 high-quality and completely free-to-download backgrounds in cartoon style. This set includes backgrounds on different popular themes such as interior backgrounds, landscapes, cityscapes, sea, forest, space, and more. You can download them separately and use them for free in your personal and commercial projects.


1. Cartoon Forest Background


Free cartoon forest background

A cartoon background in a modern flat style illustrates a forest landscape. This natural background full of green trees is in 19:6 resolution and can be scaled up or down without losing quality thanks to the included vector format.

>> Free Download Cartoon Forest Background


2. Cartoon Ocean Background


Free cartoon ocean background

A beautiful cartoon underwater background visualizing the life in the ocean. With different kinds of seaweed, fish, seastars, and more, it fully captures the magical ocean world.

>> Free Download Cartoon Ocean Background


3. Cartoon Living Room Background


Free cartoon living room background

A cartoon living room background with welcoming warm colors, a wooden floor, big windows, a library, and a sofa with a coffee table. This modern interior background is in 16:9 resolution and can be used for free, just download it from the link below.

>> Free Download Cartoon Living Room Background


4. Cartoon Kitchen Background


Free cartoon kitchen background

A cute yellow kitchen interior background illustration in cartoony style. This classic kitchen illustration with a fridge, oven, window, and sink, will be the perfect background for your cartoon chef.

>> Free Download Cartoon Kitchen Background


5. Space Background Cartoon


Free space background cartoon

Explore the universe with this colorful cartoon space background. With different planets, stars, meteors, and space dust, this space illustration will be the perfect image for your space exploration materials.

>> Free Download Space Background Cartoon


6. City Background Cartoon


Free city background cartoon

A beautiful cityscape with skyscrapers, and modern tall buildings. This modern and free cartoon city background will fit almost any project visualizing the big city environment.

>> Free Download City Background Cartoon


7. Cartoon Jungle Background


Free cartoon jungle background

A colorful jungle cartoon background in 16:9 format, coming in both raster and vector formats for any project you have. This wild-life cartoon jungle illustration is absolutely free for download visualizing different exotic trees and plants with big leaves, plus a little pond.

>> Free Download Cartoon Jungle Background


8. Cartoon Park Background


Free cartoon park background

A relaxing cartoon background with a city park full of trees, lawns, alleys, and a bench, with a view of a big city. It comes in 16:9 dimensions and can be downloaded and used for free.

>> Free Download Cartoon Park Background


9. Cartoon Farm Background


Free cartoon farm background

A classic farm in nature with lawns and trees, designed in a vintage style. This classic farm cartoon background will give life to every nature and ecology-related project. Outside of the city with only nature products it represents the beauty of agriculture and village life.

>> Free Download Cartoon Farm Background


10. Cartoon House Background


Free cartoon house background

This cartoon background visualizes a modern big house with a great yard with grass and trees. The dream home illustration comes in 16:9 dimensions and can be downloaded completely for free.

>> Free Download Cartoon House Background


All 10 cartoon backgrounds are completely free to download in both editable vector Eps and PNG formats in 16:9 dimensions. But that’s not all – you can find many more cartoon backgrounds from the same authors by clicking on the “download now” button below which will lead you to the full background freebies collection.